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The Story of the founder Byro Zoltan and how BreakupDok came into being…

Byro’s Breakup

Between 2009 and 2012 I was in a loving passionate relationship with a special stunning woman who changed everything for me. Never in my life would I have imagined that such a wonderful feeling can turn into such a horrible one, until the day of this significant breakup arrived, which started a cascade of events.

Our passionate relationship went on for three years. We moved in together and after three months we started to fight more and more often. We fought over trivial problems, value conflicts, but also because social misalignment issues started to emerge. Unfortunately, loud fights started to become frequent scenarios. We made the mistake of accusing the other person for the situation.

I acknowledge my own wrong doings now but looking back, I was really starting to get tired of all the nagging, she was disgruntled all the time, the constant fighting over small things was starting to become very annoying for me.

On that night I was sitting in the kitchen chair, and while listening to her accusations, I just asked myself: “How the hell did we get here?…” But my intuition told me, it doesn’t matter how we got here, I just want to get out.

It was hard to…

It was hard for me to understand how we got here, because in the three years we spent together we made such beautiful plans: we fantasized about how our kids are going to be like, how the house we are going to live in is going to be, the pets we are going to have… We were so passionately in love in the past three years. Now all of this was at the verge of collapsing.

So, while I sat there…

So, while I sat there, I silenced for a time, then I suddenly said:

 “It’s over, I’m done. Pack your stuff and leave.”

As she was a proud lady and emotional at the moment, she didn’t want to seem like she was surprised, she didn’t give the issue much thought, she just asked if I was sure. And I replied:

Yes. I am”

So, she packed her stuff in her car, and left the house that night… Suddenly, I felt liberated.

For a while…


Because after a month the pain of missing her started to become just unbearable. I started to realize only after a month, that she was the perfectly ideal woman for me. I started missing her terribly. I mean the feeling of regret of letting her go just tore me apart.

Everywhere I looked, I was seeing her beautiful smiling face. Every woman I started a conversation with reminded me that they are not her. That just made my coping worse.

Nothing in the whole world was more important than getting her back. That was the turning point when I obsessively began to search for materials on relationship psychology. I started to “eat up” books, articles, special reports about human psychology and breakups. I was desperate for information that could help me win her back.

Then I saw it…

I was in a state where I felt that even if I didn’t get her back, I would gladly give my life for one single moment with her. Jus to touch her beautiful, gentle, smiling face one more time.

After a few months later and all my efforts and desperation, one night I had to check her Facebook profile. It was 11 pm. When the page loaded, I could not believe my eyes. I saw her Facebook status change into “in a relationship”.

The moment when I saw it, my blood froze in my veins. It was the same feeling when you’re about to crash with your car. I felt like my whole life and hope for the future were destroyed completely. I was shivering and crying all night.

It gets better…

After surviving about a month, hour after hour, day after day, things became even “better”. She also got engaged… But even “better” than that: she was pregnant too.

I simply can’t describe how worthless and annihilated I felt. It was like living in a vivid surreal nightmare where somebody was tearing my soul apart over and over again. Day after day.

So, in the end I lost her for good. It was too late. She has started a new family with someone else…and due to these factors, my healing process was slow but at the same time truly transformational:

  • For one year I was crying almost daily.
  • For three years I was thinking about her every day.
  • Only after five years could I heal completely and have a closure while becoming a new man.

I went through the process of descending into hell and rise up, turning into a different man, which actually took me five years. I alchemized the pain of losing that special woman I loved over a breakup into a noble and significant calling.

That calling of mine was to create the concept of BreakupDok.

So Why Did I Start BreakupDok

Although in my life I had three major breakups, they haven’t been by far as painful as this last one. (Not even the end of my previous, six years long relationship.)

Seeing how rare is to experience true love with and ideal partner, then losing that through a devastating breakup is why I started the concept and the service of BreakupDok.

Founding BreakupDok, I found my Dharma. I felt a calling to save couples from falling apart for good by mentoring the truly influential half of the relationship: the woman.

…and the core reason why I want to do that is because my only desire is to save and protect women from the pain that I experienced trough my breakup. 

I know what it’s like to have your heart torn into millions of pieces, but I’m also aware of the value of transforming into a new person. So, if you allow me, I will help you to rise triumphant from the agony of the breakup, eventually guide you to a happy, new chapter of your relationship with your ex-boyfriend. Even to help you move on, if that is the path you have to take.

Who Am I

I have food engineer and law degrees, and over a decade of entrepreneurial background, but my industry focus shifted due to my crushing breakup.

With my 6 years of coaching experience in the breakup field, I individually helped over 260 women in their time of crisis, and to find their way back to the realm of high self-esteem, while being appreciated by men in their relationship. (Be that their ex or a man who is a better fit for them.)

I developed the “BreakupDok 7 Steps Coaching Framework” for ambitious women, who want to win their man back with class, and if the case is, to help them to move on, in order to create the opportunity for finding a higher value man.

I am determined to help these women heal from the breakup pain, to teach them speak the language of men, and eventually to transform into high-class super-wives.

Born in the sign of Libra, I am a person who is highly empathetic, and I can place myself in your situation effectively. The year I was born in is the year of the Dog, thus I also have an innate determination to protect.

So, supporting ambitious women in their dark times offers me the biggest personal satisfaction I have ever experienced over my career.

The Apple That Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree

I was born in the heart of Transylvania, in a town called Székelyudvarhely. The region where I live is called Szeklerland, because this is where the kind, altruistic, generous and cunning Szekler people live, and I happen to be one of them.

I come from a Hungarian Szekler family with strong entrepreneurial background. Even my grandmother had the entrepreneurial spirit, which is so characteristic to the Szekler people: she ran her whole farm all by herself.

My mom inherited her strong personality, and also became a female entrepreneur at the age of 30. I joined in helping her managing a successful traditional sauce manufacturing company ten years ago now, and during these years I learnt a lot about running a business, which also helped me a lot while building BreakupDok.

By the way, the meaning of Transylvania is “crossing through forests”, which is very appropriate, because there are immense amounts of beautiful pine-tree forests here, making the mountains and the landscape even more splendid. Sometimes when I roam them, I feel such happiness to belong to this part of the world, and I am truly inspired by the generosity and perseverance of my Szekler people.

Why Do We Do What We Do

We at BreakupDok believe in the rarity of finding true love.  We believe in protecting women from devastating breakups.

The way we protect women is by guiding them with tenderness, practicality and character refinement, awakening their self-worth and influential power.

Making a long-lasting impact in women’s life through coaching comes to us naturally.

Our Values

We at BreakupDok are governed in our daily activities by our core values:


For us the attention to detail is highly important, and we serve our clients with that in mind. We strive to provide excellent content, professional coaching and long-lasting value.


We say what we do, and we do what we say. For us a titanium spine is more important than anything else.


We serve our clients with love, understanding and tenderness. We feel sympathy and great respect for all of our clients.


We provide to the point, applicable, practical advices to our clients, which they can use in their given situation, not just theoretical phrases.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help heartbroken ambitious women rise from the breakup pain and become superwives, so they can thrive in their relationship with the right man.

Our Vision

We nourish the dream of becoming a company, that will help in creating a future in which men and women will love and respect each other in such measure, that the breakup and divorce rate of today’s world will be just a bad memory in our history.

Our favourite Chinese proverb also guides us in reaching our vision:

 “If there is light in the soul,
There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,
There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,
There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,
There will be peace in the world. “

Head Office

Tarnovita 1/c.
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Transylvania (Romania)


00 40 744 621 250
infocenter (at) breakupdok  dot com

Office Hours (EST)

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