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Do You Struggle to Cope with Your Breakup?

Do you feel that you must win him back?

Your effort to win him back failed?

You feel, you do not deserve love?

Do you feel like it's too late due to the mistakes you've made?

Relationships should not be this difficult, right?

Do you wonder if love can triumph over heartbreak?

We at BreakupDok know how it feels to lose the ONE you love over a painful breakup. They can be soul-wrecking experiences. We understand exactly what a devastating heartbreak can do to your self-esteem and self image. They can make you feel like you are worthless.

That’s a frustration a lot of our clients have.

We are also well aware that men can be hard to understand and often confusing, but our male coaches are here to shed light on these frustrating problems for you.

We have been helping women for 6 years now with our tailored guidance and adaptive strategies in their time of breakup.

Our Plan Summarized

1. Heal Your Heart and Rise Like a Phoenix

Receive guidance to build a healthy self-esteem and become a high value woman.

2. Learn How To Gain Influence Over Men

Understand men, build attraction, inspire commitment and trust in your relationship.

3. Win Your Man Back with Class

Receive tailored game-plan with adaptive strategies along the way to re-attract the ONE you love.

Why Do We Do What We Do

We at BreakupDok believe in the rarity of finding true love.  We believe in protecting women from devastating breakups.

The way we protect women is by guiding them with tenderness, practicality and character refinement, awakening their self-worth and influential power.

Making a long-lasting impact in women’s life through coaching comes to us naturally.

What Makes BreakupDok So Different?

The BreakupDok 7 Steps Coaching Framework is one of a kind because instead of just focusing on the external solutions like tactics and strategies to win their ex back, first we create internal personal transformations in our clients, in order to help them become a self-loving stunning women, with evolutionary influence skills over men.

Hundreds of women have made lasting changes in their overall lives with the BreakupDok Coaching framework.

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We know how a soul-crushing breakup feels, and we at BreakupDok are proud to say that we helped over 400 women around the world to start a new life with the man they love. (or in some cases to find a better man they deserve).

When you follow the tailored strategies of BreakupDok Coaching, you’ll experience paramount changes in yourself and thus in your broken relationship. BreakupDok was founded by Byro Zoltan.

He has over a decade of entrepreneurial background, but he has shifted his previous industry focus due to an unprecedented devastating breakup he experienced.

After his last soul-crushing breakup and previous relationship experiences with high-value women he became obsessed with saving couples from falling apart for good by mentoring the truly influential half of a relationship: the woman.

He believes that women hold the key for lowering today’s world divorce rate, thus creating a more graceful world. Supporting women in their dark times offers him the biggest personal satisfaction he ever experienced in his career.

With his 6 year coaching experience in the breakup field, he individually helped over 260 women with their breakups. He developed the BreakupDok 7 Steps Coaching Framework for ambitious women, who want to win their man back with class. He is determined to help these women to heal from the breakup, to learn the language of men and to transform them into a high value super-wives.

When you subscribe to our coaching program, you will:

  1. Have access to 1-on-1 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, (depending on the package) – with your personal male coaches. We will develop a unique game-plan tailored to your specific breakup situation.
  1. Receive unlimited support all the way, with detailed answers to all of your questions, dynamic strategies & feedback also when the situation suddenly changes down the road.
  1. Apply the in-depth content and online training material helping you to lay down the three major pillars of a thriving relationship with men: rising to a new level of attractiveness, understanding men and mastering your influence on men.

The male brain is drawn to specific characteristics in a woman and away from drama. If your ex was unhappy in the relationship, he will look past you for somebody who can make him feel like a real man. Once you become more than the ideal woman of your man, he can become attracted to you again on a deeper level, wanting only you for himself.

Reserve your spot and start with the BreakupDok Coaching Program today. Why? Because your ex doesn’t know whom he has lost, until you show it the right way.

“I thought my ex would never ever come back to me anymore because we disappointed each other a lot during the relationship and it was an unhealthy one.

“However, even before I finished the coaching with Byro, My ex boyfriend contacted me for a swim at his place. I couldn’t even believe this. Even thought we got intimate, there are still steps to go because I need him on my side for good. Although I made mistakes during the situation, he helped me fix it right and still there for me. I owe him the world.”

Myat from Yangon

“I can’t express how grateful I am that Byro’s and my path crossed. After going through a very sad and tuff time, trying to detach from a long-term friend, lover, business partner and so believed soul mate I could not have made it without him.

Even if things turned out different than desired, I can say I grown a lot personally thanks to Byro. He was always there to listen, to analyse and advice in every situation.

It made me feel appreciated and due to his own personal experiences he could understand and empathize like no one else did. He’s more than a breakup coach, he became a precious and trustworthy friend through the entire process.”

Ali from Switzerland

“After my breakup I was very emotional and needy and that’s when I made a lot of mistakes. I am very thankful for Byro because he gave me important advices to feel better after my break up along many months.

He told me how to behave, how to improve my esteem and talk to him has helped me to overcome crisis’ moments, when I felt miserable and lost. Your knowledge and kindness helped my trough hard times. I am truly thankful for you Byro.”

Kamelia from Italy


Ambitious women who…

...had more than 1 year relationship with their ex boyfriend.

...believe that he is the ONE.

...had a relationship with him that was based on true love, respect and deep connection.

...are able to follow directions.

...are over the age of 25 and have a vision for their lives.

...are open minded, communicative & looking for personal growth.


What’s My Investment?

How much does it cost you if you lose him forever? How many mistakes can you make before you push him away for good? For how long do you want to be alone in the dark, heartbroken? Since time is running out do you think he can’t fall for someone else? 

Do you want to lose him forever and feel the regret of being left with just a ruined dream of having a beautiful family?

You Are Protected By Our Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Full Days • 100% Refund • No Questions Asked

We are so confident in the impact of our coaching program to influence your life, that we offer you a generous 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

So take your time with your program and really try it out. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply email us within your 30-Day guarantee window and we’ll refund you, no questions asked!

Do you feel frustrated and confused? Find out what you need to do in order to re-attract him for good.

Download the FREE plan: “7 Steps to Win Your Man back Forever with Class” today.

Discover the framework plan that you should use to win his heart back and make him commit without asking!

Can’t wait to win him back?

From Heartbreak to Superwife

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